The dedicated Hudson attorneys at the law firm of Greenberg and Greenberg offer aggressive legal representation to the families who have loved ones who have been abused in nursing homes.  With over 70 years of combined experience, our nursing home abuse attorneys have successfully fought for the protection of these vulnerable victims and we are ready to fight to protect you and your family as well. 

When people are admitted to a nursing home they are usually promised quality care.  Too often, however, nursing home facilities do not provide the care that they promised.  Nursing home residents are vulnerable and can become the victims of neglect and abuse at the hands of employees or other residents.  This neglect and abuse can even result in wrongful death.

Dedicated and Aggressive Legal Representation

A very important factor in providing nursing home residents with quality of care is the maintenance of nursing home staffing levels.  According to a survey conducted in 2006 by the Medicaid Fraud Unit of the New York State Office of the Attorney General, of New York’s 600 nursing homes that were surveyed, 98 percent did not meet the federal recommendations for nurse staffing levels.  Given these statistics, it is not surprising that the residents of nursing homes often to not receive the care and attention they need.

There are indicators of nursing home abuse or neglect.  Some of the most common include:

  • Choking Incidents;
  • Falls and Fractures;
  • Infections;
  • Malnutrition and Dehydration;
  • Medication errors
  • Pressure Sores (bedsores, decubiti);
  • Significant Weight Loss or Gain; and
  • Unexplained Bruises or Cuts.

Combating Pressure Sores as “Never Events”

New York nursing homes that care for immobile patients are typically responsible for repositioning these patients every two hours.  Failure to reposition the patients can result in painful bed sores or ulcers (also referred to as pressure sores or decubitis ulcers) on the person’s elbows, heels, back, buttocks, shoulder blades, and tailbone. 

In almost all instances, bedsores are preventable as long as the nursing home staff implements the proper precautions and ensures that the resident is receiving enough nutrition and hydration.  If avoidable bedsores develop or progress, it is considered a form of nursing home neglect.

We will diligently pursue the maximum amount of compensation possible for the victims of bedsores that result from:

  • Failure to change adult diapers and avoid moisture on their sheets.
  • Failure to provide residents with a pressure relieving mattress or other pressure relief devices.
  • Failure to regularly re-position immobile patients.
  • Malnutrition and dehydration.

Not only are bedsores very painful, they can also lead to wrongful death.  Should bedsores become infected, sepsis and death can also result.  Nursing homes need to be held accountable for the neglect of their residents. 

Putting an End to Medication Errors

Another responsibility of care-givers in nursing homes is to ensure that our elderly population, who often need numerous prescriptions to promote and maintain their health and well-being, are given the correct medications and dosages.  If the medications are not administered correctly, stroke, brain damage, or even death can result.  Medication error abuse can result from:

  • Adverse Side Effects;
  • Harm Caused by Drug Interactions;
  • Incorrect or Mistaken Dosages; and
  • Incorrect Prescription.

Medication is meant to improve people’s lives, not harm them.  The attorneys at Greenberg and Greenberg will fight for the rights of your loved one in the event that the nursing home made a medication error.  Not only will we seek a monetary judgment for you and your family, we will also attempt to provide you with the peace of mind in knowing by pursing your rights there will be fewer cases of nursing home abuse in the future.

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