Every year thousands of construction workers are seriously injured or killed in accidents in New York and across the country.  Many of these accidents could have been prevented. 

Under New York law, property owners, general contractors, and subcontractors are required to provide construction site workers and other workers with safe workplaces.  Any injuries caused by a failure to provide a safe workplace may result in liability. 

If you have suffered an injury while working on a construction site, please contact our construction accident attorneys from Greenberg and Greenberg.  We can provide victims of construction accidents across New York State with personal injury and wrongful death representation.

With over 70 years of experience representing injured construction workers, we will be able to investigate and discover who is responsible for the injuries and aggressively pursue the compensation that our clients need and deserve.  We handle many types of construction accident cases, such as:

Scaffolding Injuries and Wrongful Death

Working on ladders and scaffolds involve far greater dangers than other types of construction work.  According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (“OSHA”), scaffold and ladder injuries make up about 41% of all construction site fall injuries.  Approximately 50 deaths and 4,500 injuries every year are attributed to falls from scaffolds alone.  To make scaffolds as safe as possible they must be properly constructed and mounted and their weight limit should not be exceeded.  Common causes of scaffold accidents are plank slippage and support failures. 

In order to make ladders as safe as possible, ladders should be checked for proper positioning, steadiness and the appropriateness to the job.  Non-skid rungs and side guardrails are some safety measures that may be included.

Falls do not only occur from scaffolds and ladders.  Construction workers can fall from roof tops, girders, poles, through un-reinforced walls, holes in the floor, or through thin or inappropriate flooring.  To ensure the safety of construction workers from these types of falls, guardrails, safety nets, and fall arrest systems should be in place.

There are special laws in New York to protect people who work at elevated heights.  The statute is Labor Law Section 240, also called the “Scaffold Law.”  For more information, call us or refer to our Scaffold page.

Injuries Caused by Falling Debris

Construction sites by their very nature are dangerous places, but the potential for accidents are still difficult to predict.  One of the dangers includes falling objects.  Severe head and brain injuries as well as wrongful death can result even from the impact of a small tool.  Ceiling collapses or loose tiles are also dangerous and can be a source of falling objects.  Injuries from falling objects can range from mild to disabling. 

New York State’s laws governing lawsuits that involve construction sites and falling items demonstrate the hazards of falling debris.  Oftentimes, a defendant will face “strict liability” when an employee is injured because of falls or falling objects.  Strict liability means that the defendants, such as construction companies, are assumed to be at fault in cases that involve “gravity related” injuries.  In strict liability cases, the injured party does not have to prove fault and liability.  Rather, their primary task is to prove their injuries and determine the value of their claim.


Most of the time, items that cause injury are designed for safe use, such as transportation, the construction of a building, or the manufacturing of a product.  However, explosive devices are meant to cause damage, even though it is meant to be controlled.  It is extremely important that uses of inherently dangerous products exercise care and follow all the statutory and product-specified safety precautions.

Injuries or Wrongful Death that Results from Electrocution Accidents

Electrical accidents that occur in places with high voltage electricity found in neighborhoods or around construction sites can devastate families.  A person who is exposed to high voltage electricity can suffer from permanent disability or even death.

Power companies, building owners, and construction companies are required to follow strict rules and safety standards.  If these rules are not obeyed, catastrophic injuries can result.

Construction site injuries can be life changing and the victim of a construction site accident will often need to pay for large medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, and other damages.  Our 70 years of combined experience has given us significant knowledge to help people injured on construction sites purse the maximum compensation.

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