Common Types of Motor Vehicle Accidents and Statistics: Have You Been Injured?

According to the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles, there were 304,804 motor vehicle crashes in New York State during the 2013 calendar year.  Over a thousand of those crashes involved a fatality; over 124,000 resulted in non-fatal personal injury; over 179,000 involved property damage.  If you add the number of drivers in those crashes together with the number of passengers, there were over a million people involved in motor vehicle crashes during 2013.  

The numbers above do not include pedestrian collisions, bicycle collisions, and motorcycle crashes.  As you know, over a thousand people were killed on New York roadways during 2013.  Statistics reveal that 625 of them were drivers; 178 were passengers; 344 were pedestrians; and 40 were bicyclists. 

The statistics for 2014 have not yet been released.  It would not be surprising if the numbers were not any better. 

Given the statistics above, the chances are likely that you or someone you know has been involved in a roadway accident.  The chances of knowing and/or being related to a person killed or injured in a roadway accident are far too great and these tragedies touch too many lives in New York.

The residents in and around Hudson, New York are not exempt from experiencing the horrible ramifications of motor vehicle accidents.  Experienced motor vehicle accident attorneys work with car accident victims every day.  It is important for readers to know that if a vehicle accident resulted from negligence, the injured victims have a right to compensation.

The accidents of which we speak include:

·      Accidents involving cars or trucks.

·      Bus accidents.

·      Motorcycle accidents.

·      Bicycle accidents.

·      Pedestrians hit by motor vehicles or motorcycles.

·      Roadway defect accidents.

Negligence that which leads to roadway collisions, injury and death occurs in many different ways.  Take roadway defects as an example.  Defects in the road can be broken pavement or potholes; missing or improperly placed guard rails; missing or malfunctioning traffic devices and signs.  The road itself may have been improperly designed and/or maintained. 

Here is a list of other negligent acts that which cause injury or death to Hudson roadway users:

·      Speeding.

·      Drunk driving.

·      Buzzed driving.

·      Drowsy driving.

·      Falling asleep at the wheel.

·      Tailgating.

·      Failures to yield and/or stop as required by traffic signs.

·      Running red lights.

·      Texting while driving.

·      Distracted driving.

·      Failing to adjust vehicle use to compensate for poor weather conditions.

Some of these negligent acts will only result in mere property damage. However, others will unfortunately cause injury, sometimes serious, and even death.

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