Slip and Fall Accident: How to Pay Your Medical Bills

The injuries caused by a slip and fall accidents can be more serious than most people suspect.  In fact, the injuries can be quite similar to that which occurs in motor vehicle collisions.  Experienced personal injury attorneys from Hudson, New York have seen slip and fall victims suffer from:

·         Torn ligaments;

·         Lacerations;

·         Sprains;

·         Bruising;

·         Fractured limbs: arms and legs;

·         Broken hands and fingers;

·         Broken collar bones;

·         Fractured shoulders;

·         Broken hips;

·         Knee damage;

·         Broken back vertebra;

·         Spinal cord injuries;

·         Fractured skulls;

·         Concussions;

·         Traumatic brain injury;

·         Coma; and

·         Death.

I am sure you can imagine that any one of these injuries can cause the victim to incur extensive medical bills.  The difficulty for slip and fall victims is figuring out how to pay.  Fortunately, there are many ways to have medical bills paid, including obtaining compensation via civil litigation.

The easiest way to pay medical bills is by using one’s own health coverage; through a plan offered by an employer that which the victim in enrolled in, or by coverage through a policy obtained from the Marketplace.  Of course all of the cost is not covered; the victim will have to pay any deductable and co-payments.  Medicare or Medicaid can cover the cost too if the victim has these benefits.

Alternatively, if the slip and fall accident happened on residential property, the home owner’s property insurance can help pay for medical bills.  Commercial property will most likely be insured for slip and fall accidents too.  So if the victim suffers a slip and fall accident, it is important to get the property owner’s insurance information.

What if someone slips and falls at work?  Workers’ Compensation can help pay for the victim’s medical bills. 

If any or all of the above fails at compensating the victim for money paid to medical providers, the victim can sue the property owner for compensation.

Success will hinge upon many factors and not all slip and fall accidents can be traced to an owner’s negligent care of his or her property.

Generally speaking, if a property owner:

a.       Created the dangerous condition that caused the slip and fall accident, or

b.      Knew about the dangerous condition, but failed to make it safe, or

c.       Should have known about the dangerous condition

A visitor on the property would have a strong case against the property owner (or operator) founded in theories of premises liability.  Monetary loss not covered by insurance can come directly from the property owner’s own funds.

Some exceptions and circumstances may limit recovery, so talking to an experienced attorney is the best course of action. 

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