Common Slip and Fall Injuries

Slip and fall accidents happen more often than most people realize.  In fact, the number of annual falls is approaching 10 million!  Another unfortunate fact is that the likelihood of falling increases with age, meaning that many slip and fall victims are the elderly and the most fragile segment of the Hudson, New York population.

Experienced Hudson slip and fall attorneys know that regardless of age the causes and consequences of slip and fall accidents are common across all personal and socioeconomic demographics.  Quite plainly, the leading cause of injury regardless of age is slip and fall accidents. 

Every slip in fall victim can potentially suffer from sprains, cuts, bruising, swelling, ligament tearing, joint injury, fractures to any number of bones, spinal cord injuries, brain injury, and in the most extreme cases death can result.   Therefore, the injuries can be so severe that one could think that the victim was in a car accident rather than a slip and fall accident.  Consider the following types of injuries. 

Head Injuries:

Injuries to the head are some of the most traumatic injuries from which a slip and fall victim can suffer.  Obviously this is because the brain can be permanently damaged.  Even a minor fall can cause the brain to impact with the inner skull.  The result can be brain swelling and bleeding.  Even if temporary, the victim could suffer from vision loss, speech loss, memory loss, and or mobility impairment. 

If the victim’s skull fractures, bone fragments can pierce the brain and cause significant damage.  The more severely impacted people may never fully recover.

Fractured Bones:

Fractures to the hands, arms, and shoulders are common when someone unintentionally falls.  This is because the victim is trying to brace him or herself from the impact of the fall.  These breaks can be quite dramatic, such as compound fractures when the bone pierces through the victim’s muscle, ligament, and skin.  Others will be complete fractures, but internal only.  While casting will cure many fractures, the more severe fractures will require surgical repair.  Such could include the need to place pins, rods, and screws into the victim to stabilize and repair the fracture.

The elderly are especially vulnerable to hip and pelvis fractures.  These types of injury may very well require surgery and even hip replacement.  These victims may never again experience the mobility that which they once enjoyed. 

Spinal Cord Injuries and Other Injuries to the Back:

Many injuries can happen when the back experiences blunt force trauma from a slip and fall accident.  The vertebra can fracture and caused damage to the spinal cord itself.  As you know, injury to the spinal cord can cause temporary and or permanent paralysis.  But discs can become damaged as well.  In either case, surgical repair is highly probable.

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