What are My Rights if I was Injured in a Motorcycle Accident?

Every motorcyclist knows the vulnerable position in which they sit while riding on roadways.  Vehicles with four or more wheels are naturally more stable, carry more weight, and are larger than motorcycles.  Automobiles, as compared to motorcycles, can also handle adverse road conditions better.  Perhaps the largest issue with motorcycles is that they are harder to see due to their narrow profile. 

While motorcycles by definition under New York law are not motor vehicles, motorcyclists must still follow the same traffic rules as automobiles.  The difference in legal definition is most significant under New York’s No-Fault Law. 

Experienced Hudson motorcycle attorneys know how this difference affects a motorcyclist’s ability to recover reimbursement for injuries sustained during a collision. 

Because motorcycles are not motor vehicles, New York’s No-Fault statute does not cover motorcyclist accidents.  This means that a motorcyclist is not statutorily permitted to receive medical benefits and lost wage benefits.  On the other hand however, motorcyclists can make a claim against other motorists for minor injuries because the No-Fault serious injury threshold will not apply to motorcyclists. 

Just a single day spent in the hospital can cost accident victims several thousands of dollars.  It is not uncommon to hear how motorcyclists spent several months recovering in a hospital after being struck by a motor vehicle.  With this in mind, consider the minimum insurance requirements for motorcyclists in New York.  It is $25,000 for each injured person and $50,000 for the death of a person.  These figures double for two or more persons. 

After considering these facts, you understand that insurance will most likely not fully compensate you for all of your medical costs.  Moreover, the amount of wages you have lost may not be fully reimbursed as well.  Your long term medical care costs might not be reimbursed.  Even uninsured motorist coverage or supplemental uninsured motorist coverage might not be sufficient to pay for severe injuries. 

Most motorcyclists are cautious drivers.  Your attorney will convey that to a jury when trying your case, always aware that you were not some speed demon on a bike, but rather you are the victim of a serious motorcycle accident.  An accident, like most motorcycle accidents, that could have been avoided if the other vehicle took the time to look for motorcycles and to “share the road”. 

If you or a loved one has been injured or killed in a motorcycle accident, you have rights.  An experienced Hudson attorney can help your recover medical costs and lost wages, among other things.  You have a limited time to commence an action, so call right away. 

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